Pitagone barriers are deployed in various security perimeter applications globally. Mainly serving police, armed forces and federal agencies, Pitagone also offers tailor-made services to public institutions, private companies, major events and critical infrastructures.


HVM Blocks

HVM blocks are crash tested to provide maximum protection to people and assets during major events. It comes in different configuration to cater to different ground condition and terrain. There is also a pedestrian portal to allow public to walk through the perimeter. Truly a “lift and place” solution without damage to the ground after event.  

Super shallow bollard

Super Shallow Bollard

Requires only 70mm excavation, the only one in the industry. The super shallow design allows installation even at buildings with basement carpark or where underground services is a concern.

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Safety Flex Oval Shape Bollard

The only oval shape bollard in the world, Safety Flex bollards use spring steel technology instead of traditional round steel tube. The unique oval shape design instantly  differential your lobby area from other round bollard installation. Drop by at IMH Singapore  to view this installation – one of the most beautiful bollard in the world.  

main photo for Gates

Crash Tested Gates

Blaz offers crash tested gates. Bifold / Swing or Sliding Gate is crash tested up to 8m. Using patented cable arrestor system, these are suitable for locations where there is less vehicle traffic but still need to provide a wide opening for single or double lane traffic. Eagle Autogate system is PAS certified and has been installed in a few key installations in Singapore.


MD BlastSafe – ARC / Golan

Mistral Detection Explosive Containment Vessels provide full protection against blast and fragmentation with repeated detonation capability. The Gas-Tight models are capable of containing biological/chemical explosive threats.


DropEX Plus

DropEx is a unique dropper-bottle technology developed for both in-the-field and laboratory conditions. DropEx kits include a full range of detection capabilities and are packaged in convenient ‘Work Station’ cases.


Mistral Drug Detection

Presumptive Drug Tests identify suspect narcotics and controlled substances and provide police agencies with quick results in the field or lab. Convenient and easy-to-use, Presumptive Drug Tests contain internationally accepted and specially designed reagents that produce a series of color reactions (indicators) to help the operator determine if a drug is positive for unknown or suspect material.