Crash Barrier

These high security, crash tested and certified road blocker system are available in portable, shallow mount or fully embedded form depending on site conditions and threat level.


Designed and fabricated in SINGAPORE by  Precision Fabricators (S) Pte Ltd, (  the mobile crash barrier – MCB is patented  and crashed tested to international barrier crash test standards.

A truly portable barrier system, no road work, surface preparation , drilling or bolting is required to deploy the MCB. With the help of a lorry crane only, the MCB can be deployed in minutes, to set up a quick road block or vehicle checking point. This makes it an attractive option for police, military or even large event organisers (sports event, concerts, large gathering) for short term deployment and when setting up of road checkpoint in short time is required.

Shallow Mount

Blaz partner with various OEM to bring the most suitable systems for different project, depending on the budget, operation requirement as well as site conditions. All systems offered are either PAS 68/ IWA crash tested with certification for the test.


This barrier offers the highest security protection.  It is design and build in Singapore and is our strongest model yet. It can withstand multiple attacks and still function. It is currently installed at a 24 x 7 traffic lane and is very well utilised everyday. It can be also be integrated with most drop arm system to operate together and/or separately.

Miti-Gate Vehicle Arrestor

Using a patented vehicle arrestor system, the MITIGATE is the most cost effective solution for locations that has infrequent vehicle throughput, yet required protection from a vehicle borne threat. This product required minimal civil work due to hinge and receptor post only requiring 215mmm foundation depth. It provide a very cost effective mean to protect wide opening from 6 to 10m.