Crash Tested Gates: A Crucial Component of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Hostile vehicle mitigation has become increasingly important in public safety, particularly in light of recent terrorist attacks involving the use of vehicles as weapons. As a result, crash tested gates have emerged as a crucial component of hostile vehicle mitigation strategies.

Crash tested gates are designed to withstand the force of a vehicle impact, making them an effective tool for preventing unauthorized vehicle access to sensitive areas. This can include government buildings, airports, sports arenas, or other locations where large crowds gather.

One of the key advantages of crash tested gates is their ability to provide a high level of protection while still allowing for easy access by authorized personnel. These gates can be customized to fit specific site requirements, including different sizes, materials, and operating mechanisms, ensuring that they are both effective and convenient.

Our bifold / Swing or Sliding Gate is crash tested up to 8m. Using patented cable arrestor system, these are suitable for locations where there is less vehicle traffic but still need to provide a wide opening for single or double lane traffic. Eagle Autogate system is PAS certified and has been installed in a few key installations in Singapore. 

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