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Protecting the crowd from Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

From the video, we can see that relying solely on stationary vehicles for crowd protection during public events proves ineffective. The driver of a truck can effortlessly breach a vehicle parked on site, exiting the scene unscathed and unimpeded even after impact. Anti-Terror Concrete Blocks, common used now at many public placed, also rendered ineffective in crash test. When these are not linked together, a hostile vehicle can pass through the gap between two concrete blocks. While there might be some damage to the vehicle, it remains fully capable of breaching a public event, posing a significant threat to everyone’s safety.

Meanwhile, Blaz Protection Systems provides different mobile solutions.

The Mobile Crash Barrier can be used to set up a road block or close off section of the road quickly if required for a short period or in the event of an emergency.   MCB II system runs on battery which can power the hydraulic to move the barrier plate for upto 200 up and down cycles.  No excavation or damage to the road surface which need to be re-surfaced.

We are also the appointed sole and exclusive distributor for Pitagone portable barrier system for Singapore and Indonesia. Pitagone portable barrier system are crash tested at different ground condition and impact angle to stop any ramming vehicles.  Model F11 & F18 offers the best storage  / transportation / deployment solution to provide a simple, cost effective logistic solution for our customers.   They are man portable and can be set up and dismantle easily to cover gaps where traditional MCBII or concrete blocks cannot be deployed due to site constraints.

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