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Vehicle Barriers: Types and Roles

Vehicle barriers serve a variety of critical functions, each tailored to specific safety needs. Let’s explore three types of barriers – Jersey barriers, highway safety barriers, and hostile vehicle crash barriers – and their vital roles in keeping people and property safe.

Jersey Barriers: Safeguarding Road Construction Zones

Jersey barriers are commonly used in road construction and highway maintenance. They serve as temporary or permanent dividers to separate lanes of traffic or to create a protective barrier around construction zones. Jersey barriers are designed to prevent accidental breaches or crossovers between lanes and protect road workers during construction. In Singapore, they are usually used when a section of the road needs to be diverted or closed for repair, remarking or diverted.

Highway Safety Barriers: Shielding Against Unintentional Accidents

Highway safety barriers are used to enhance road safety by preventing vehicles from crossing into opposing traffic lanes or going off the road unintentionally. They can vary in design and materials, but jersey barriers are one common type. Other types include guardrails, crash cushions, and median barriers. Their primary function is to prevent accidents and reduce their severity by redirecting or absorbing the energy of a vehicle impact, thus protecting motorists from head-on collisions and other hazardous situations.

Hostile Vehicle Crash Barriers: Protect Against Intentional Attacks

Hostile vehicle crash barriers are specifically designed to protect crowds and infrastructure from intentional vehicular attacks or accidents involving hostile vehicles. While jersey barriers are typically installed to withstand sideway impact, crash barriers are engineered to bear up against the full impact of  head-on collisions. Their primary function is to stop or mitigate the impact of a vehicle traveling at high speeds, providing security against vehicular attacks on crowded places such as pedestrian zones, stadiums, key installations or government buildings. In Singapore, these are usually crash tested in approved vehicle test facilities in the USA or UK according to ASTm / PAS 68 or ITW Crash test standard

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