Enhancing Security in Singapore

In a recent report released by Singapore’s Internal Security Department, the nation faces significant terrorism threats in the region, warranting heightened vigilance and stringent security measures. To safeguard against such potential attacks, countries like Singapore recognise the paramount importance of prioritising security measures.

Super Shallow Bollard

Super Shallow Bollard

Designed to solve the problem of lack of depth for installation of HVM system, such as MRT station, office main drop off area, SSB70 bollard is only 70 mm thick and is a bolt-on solution to allow this bollard to be installed even if there is a basement car park or where underground services is a concern.

Crash Tested Gate - Blaz Protection

M30 P1 Perimeter Fencing System

After 3 years of R&D and numerous crash tests carried out at HORIBA MIRA, UK, Precision has successfully developed and tested a M30P1 perimeter wall incorporating the a low wall and anti climb perimeter fencing system. This solution offers our client space saving, time saving and cost saving for their perimeter protection compare to the traditional method of bollard behind fence.