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Safeguarding Data Havens: The Crucial Role of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation for Data Centers

In the realm of modern technology, data centers stand as the backbone of our digital world. These facilities house immense amounts of sensitive information, ranging from personal data to critical infrastructure systems. However, as the importance of data centers continues to soar, so do the potential threats they face. Among these threats, the risk of vehicular attacks poses a particularly menacing challenge. To safeguard these digital fortresses, the implementation of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) measures becomes imperative.

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Introducing the F11 & F18 Pitagone Barrier

During many public events, authorities use vehicles or concrete blocks to protect the crowd from a hostile vehicle ram through . Is it an option?

From the video above, we can see that relying solely on normal concrete block for crowd protection during public events proves ineffective. The driver of a truck can effortlessly push the concrete block open by driving in between the blocks or even directly at them.  The hostile vehicles can easily push the concrete block placed and gain entry into the protected zone. Various test carried out shows that the concrete blocks are totally ineffective to stop the hostile vehicles. After pushing the concrete block aside, the hostile vehicle can still move around inside the secure zone to create more damage, posing a significant threat to the public area or secure zone. The gap can also allow more hostile vehicles to enter, creating a bigger mess.

Pitagone F11 & F18 system has undergone multiple real crash test in Germany, Australia, United Kingdom,  at different speed as well as different impact angle. They are also tested under real road condition, ( not with a new set of soft tarmac ).

Besides the numerous crash test, Pitagone system offers the following features which are unmatched by any other system :

  • Ergometric design & Truly portable

Each unit weight between 38-43 kg ( depending on model) but has its own wheel system to allow user to easily push the unit from the rack to set up and back to the rack when you need to keep the system.  There is no need for the users to do any lifting of the unit during set up and demob.

To allow authorised vehicles to pass thru the gaps, the user merely need to push the units 90 degree aside with very little effort.  This will greatly increase thru-put to minimise traffic congestion.

  • Excellent storage system

Each system comes with their own racking or security boxes which helps to keep the units properly. Each security box can hold 12 units of the system and be stacked upto 2 tier. This will help to minimise storage pack and also help to keep the unit neat and in good conditions. User can use pallet jack, forklift to move the units around.

Compare to many other system where the user need to stack the unit on top of each other, there will be minimum damage to the units as the racking system reduce contact of the units with each other.

There is no need to manually lift/ carry or stack the units for set up/ deployment/ dismantle or storage.

Pitagone system are certified and truly portable to enable you to quickly set up and demob after the event. These are truly a portable and mobile anti-ram vehicle barriers to provides total security for your premises or to secure a public event.

Blaz Protection is the appointed sole and exclusive distributor for Pitagone portable barrier system for Singapore and Indonesia.  

Talk to us for your security need for both rental and purchase of Pitagone system.


Enhancing Security in Singapore

In a recent report released by Singapore’s Internal Security Department, the nation faces significant terrorism threats in the region, warranting heightened vigilance and stringent security measures. To safeguard against such potential attacks, countries like Singapore recognise the paramount importance of prioritising security measures.

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Key Asset Management 

Blaz, together with our partner, offers a solution where we can help to set up your perimeter protection within a few hours when the situation require. We offer a sale, maintain, set up, retrieval solution where we can store and maintain your mobile barriers system for you.